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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spirits in the Landscape: A Day with Robin Davis

The workshop with Robin Davis was anything but the average workshop. Within minutes of us shooting, Robin had dressed up as an ethereal white goddess to help aid us in our photographic process. We were just doing a practice shoot before the Serenbe Playhouse actors arrived but some of those images turned out phenomenally as we explored blur and panning by elongating the shutter speed. Our images were eerily and ghost-like as Robin swirled around in the lake that was part of the stage for the production of “The Ugly Duckling.” When the actors arrived the real fun began as we grouped the actors who played the animals together in various poses in and around the lake. The leapt and swung through the water and surrounding woods as we further explored how to create motion inside the camera. One of the greatest things taken away form this workshop was how exactly to manage so many models to manipulate and create a desired image in and outside the camera. It was truly an exciting experience as the group worked with seven of the actors in their costumes.

Be sure to check out Robin Davis’ upcoming workshop on Sat Aug 13, Victorians in Low Light. Once again Robin Davis will lead a wonderful exploration of the narrative portrait, working with the photogenic Serenbe Playhouse actors in their costumed production of “Shipwrecked”. Robin will offer this unique opportunity to learn special techniques, often with low lighting, to create images that look much like paintings and illustrations. We had so much fun with “The Ugly Duckling” that this upcoming workshop will be a great way to explore mood and motion in photography.

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