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Serenbe Photography Center is located in the Serenbe Community a short drive south of Atlanta.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Michael West Returns

August 13 -- 9am to 5pm Make beautiful tinted prints from your digital images with Michael West Reserve you spot now.

Learn how to make digital negatives and to tone on inkjet printers.  Also learn how to hand coat, properly expose, and process the hybrid Van Dyke Brown prints.  You will have a print to keep of your own from this class.  No traditional photographic experience is necessary.

Michael West was with us in June for this type of workshop and the feedback we received from the participants was glowing....

"Wonderful!  Good Mix of discussion and hands on technique"
"I was thinking, I may not have enough experience, but the instructor was very accommodating of all levels of experience"
"Awesome!  Very informative.  Michael is a wonderful teacher."
"Exceeded my expectations.   Michael provided just the right amount of info and a good level of technical detail"

Michael has some of his work on display at The Gallery in Serenbe in a show of work from Serenbe Photography Center instructors. 

Last call on the July 30 Workshops with Donna Rosser -- take one or take them both -- two half day workshops - Social Networking and Preparing for a Portfolio Review.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day with Tom England

August 6, 2001 -- from 9am to noon "Train Your Vision for Better Photographs" and from 1 to 5pm "How to Photograph People."  Both workshops are $50 each. 

Train your Vision for Better Photographs --
  • what to keep out of the frame
  • how to choose revealing, pleasing light
  • how slight changes in the angle of shooting can improve images
  • the importance of choosing the background
  • understanding depth of field as a creative tool
  • using composition design to direct the viewer's eye
How to Photograph People --
  • when to use long lens vs. the advantages of wide angle lens
  • using the background to enhance the portrait
  • photographing children
  • photographing public events & speakers
  • posing groups of people
  • when & where you can legally photograph people
Sign up for either or both of these classes at Serenbe Photography Center and be sure to check the list of other interesting workshops coming up soon and into the fall. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Call and a New Listing

This Saturday and Sunday there are two workshops offered at Serenbe Photography Center.  On Saturday Robin presents Spirits in the Landscape from 1 to 8pm.  Working with the actors from the latest production at The Serenbe Playhouse, you will create beautiful portraits.  Workshop participants begin with the play The Ugly Duckling and then move on to photographing the players.  After the workshop be sure to stop by The Gallery at Serenbe for the opening of a show featuring photography from SPC instructors.

Just added to the schedule are two half day workshops -- both on July 30.  Join Donna Rosser for either or both of these interesting sessions.  On Saturday morning from 9 to noon Donna will lead your through the jungle of social networking for the photographer.  Donna has been blogging since 2007 and is active on Facebook and Twitter.  Her blog is even available for subscription via Kindle at Amazon.com

In the afternoon the focus is on preparing for a portfolio review.  If you have been considering this next step for your photography, this is the workshop for you.  Donna has been involved in reviews from gallery owners, publishers, collectors, noted photographers, and those in the academic area of photography.  Even if you are not considering a formal portfolio review, this workshop is filled with information you can use in building a solid body of work and your presentation of it.  Handout materials will be provided in both of Donna's workshops.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

HDR, A Nature Walk, and Camp

Class fee is $60 for morning session or $60 for the afternoon session

Creating an HDR image starts with properly exposing a scene that is a good candidate for the HDR treatment.  Mike will show you how to identify good scenes for HDR and how to create properly bracketed exposures to capture the necessary shots to construct the HDR image.  He will explain the use of Photomatix Pro 4 and how to use Lightroom for the finishing touches.  Mike will also demonstrate how he uses Photoshop and Topaz Adjust. 

Mike Nalley is a fine art photographer in Metro Atlanta.  He is currently working his "Last Exit" project to show the beauty in the abandoned homes and spaces around the Southeastern US. 

July 17, 8:45am to 12:30pm, Take a Nature Walk with Kathryn Kolb.  This half-day session will help you see better with the camera what you see with your eye.  Leran to hone your vision to the selected elements to your selected scene.  The cost of this event is $55. 

July 11 through 15, 9am to 3pm, Camp Serenbe's Photography Adventure Camp Turn your happy camper into a budding photographer. 

For all of these events listed and many more -- please visit the Serenbe Photography Center website by clicking on any of these links.  Be sure to keep up with our latest by liking our Facebook page.