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Serenbe Photography Center is located in the Serenbe Community a short drive south of Atlanta.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day with Tom England

August 6, 2001 -- from 9am to noon "Train Your Vision for Better Photographs" and from 1 to 5pm "How to Photograph People."  Both workshops are $50 each. 

Train your Vision for Better Photographs --
  • what to keep out of the frame
  • how to choose revealing, pleasing light
  • how slight changes in the angle of shooting can improve images
  • the importance of choosing the background
  • understanding depth of field as a creative tool
  • using composition design to direct the viewer's eye
How to Photograph People --
  • when to use long lens vs. the advantages of wide angle lens
  • using the background to enhance the portrait
  • photographing children
  • photographing public events & speakers
  • posing groups of people
  • when & where you can legally photograph people
Sign up for either or both of these classes at Serenbe Photography Center and be sure to check the list of other interesting workshops coming up soon and into the fall. 

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