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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Robin Davis, Savannah, Todd Vinson & Wet Plate Collodion

Robin Davis also has an interesting workshop opportunity coming in October.  This is something not to be missed and you have plenty of time to plan ahead for this.  What would be better than spending a few days in Savannah in October?  How about spending those days with Robin Davis, Savannah native.  Join Robin October 14 through 16 for Haunted Savannah.

Today in photography there is a buzz about alternative processes.  Many photographers experiment with many methods to find something appealing to them and presenting an end product that they love.  In recent weeks we have presented workshops by Michael West and the VanDyke Brown tinting process, Tom England has helped you hone your artistis vision, Robin Davis has worked with students to create an interesting portrait. 

September 10 & 11 Todd Vinson leads you into the adventure known as Wet Plate Collodion.  Todd leads you through an intensive two day hands on workshop to introduce students to the process of wet plate collodion photography with a comtemporary twist.

If you Google for "Wet Plate Collodion Photography" you will find the following on Wikipedia:
In 1851, the Englishman Frederick Scott Archer discovered that collodion could be used as an alternative to egg white (albumen) on glass plates. This also reduced the exposure time when making the image. This became known as the 'wet plate collodion' or 'wet collodion' method. Collodion was also grainless and colorless, and allowed for one of the first high quality duplication processes, also known as negatives. This process also produced positives, the ambrotype and the tintype (also known as 'ferrotype').

Visit the Serenbe Photography Center website for our convenient online sign up for these or any other workshop.  There is always something new going on at the center.  We recently held our first monthly member meeting.  Check out the membership page and plan to attend a meeting. 

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