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Serenbe Photography Center is located in the Serenbe Community a short drive south of Atlanta.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Crafting the Fine Black and White Print

May 21, 9am to 5pm Crafting the Fine Black and White Print
fee is $99 including lunch

Has your photography experience been limited to digital only?  Are you a photographer who used to enjoy watching the image appear in the developing solution?  Join instructor Stephen Brownlee and learn, or relearn, the art of producing fine black and white prints the traditional way.

You will learn doging and burning.  You will learn how to evaluate the tonal relationships within the print.  Explore the art of split contrast printing on variable contrast paper and creating a print recipe so the print can be duplicated in the future.  Learn how to selenium tone and to archivally wash and dry prints.

Stephen Brownlee is the Lab Manager at Serenbe Photography Center.  He has been active in photography for 35 years.  Space is limited for this workshop.  Visit this link to register.  Call the center to ask any questions. 

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