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Friday, April 15, 2011


Before we get into the blog there are a couple announcements:
  • Save the Date -- June 11, First Annual Serenbe Photography Center Open Competition
  • the color processor is up and running now through April 20, contact Stephen at the Center to schedule a print time.
  • Opening Reception for Nature Undisturbed is April 16 at 6pm -- Dogwood Gallery in Tyrone, GA.
With photography you are only as good as your print.  In a digital world, many people see your photography on a screen prior to seeing it in print form.  Do your prints live up to your digital image?  How many times have you seen a photo online or on a friend's computer -- then when you see the actual print it is not as good, crisp, color correct, etc.

When you turn over your printing to another source you are giving up a bit of control.  Your print is your reputation and representation to the public.  In order to assure the best is out there -- you have to have complete trust in your printer or do it yourself. 

Many photographers shy away from the do-it-yourself because they have a small size home printer or have had problems with color calibration between their home printer and their computer.  It can be frustrating to spend a lot of time printing photos and have nothing to show for it because you are not happy with any of your prints.  It is just as frustrating to spend a lot of money and time uploading them to an online source and when you received them days later -- the color is not correct.

Check out the printing information at Serenbe Photography Center.  After a quick tutorial, you can print up to very large size prints on your own -- making sure the color and contrast are correct.  Call the Center at 770-463-9098 to learn about the orientation opportunities.

Also -- check out Alex Neely's workshop, A Day of Lightroom.

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