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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Digital Photography for Beginners

For four Thursdays beginning in October(21, 28) and November(4, 11) take your camera off of auto and learn about aperture and shutter speed.   Donna Rosser will help you see what changing ISO, white balance, and exposure value can do for you. Taking control of your camera gives you more artistic freedom to create the images you are looking for. Also included in this series of classes is information on gear; lenses, filters, etc. and how to compose for more interest.

Believe it or not – taking your camera off of auto will not cause it to explode. Begin to see what all the settings on the camera can do for you to create the images you are seeking.
Learn about the camera and also learn about what lenses do for you. What is a zoom? What is a prime?
Filter selection can also create a better photo when you know a little about what they can do.
The class will also introduce you to other gear – tripods, monopods, reflectors, diffusers, macro
attachments and more.
This class is for the beginner who needs that little extra encouragement taking the leap to more manual photography. You will need to bring your camera with you to each class along with the manual. Yes, it is true, you need to read the manual.
Class is each Thursday evening in October (21st through November 11th) from 7PM to 9PM. You will have weekly assignments to work through the material presented in the class.   There is still time to sign up.  Click this link for more information and to sign up for the class.

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